Monday, August 8, 2011

Brioche Sticky Buns

My sister and I used our last batch of brioche dough to make these sticky buns:
 And believe me, these are not your average sticky buns.  This recipe came right out of "Baking with Julia" with the contributing baker being Nancy Silverton.  I didn't know who Nancy Silverton was before, but after making these . . . let's just say, I do now.  And I'm in trouble for it too.  She is amazing.  And these sticky buns were amazing.

Notice all the thin layers. These layers are produced by rolling and folding the dough with layers of butter and then rolling and folding again.  It was a really fun technique to learn.
 Rich.  Buttery.  Flaky.  Buttery.  Brown Sugary.  Buttery.  Amazing.  But eat more than one and you'll have all your calories for the week.
Each sticky bun has 1/3 of a stick of butter


Emmy said...

Okay those look beyond good!

Mimi said...

Are you going to report on how much butter you get if you eat just one? I still feel guilty...hmm, but they were GOOD!